Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Ten Thousand Year old tradition.

My first cousin Janet Draper (nee Finch) from Bristol, U.K. is once again at a time share on nearby Longboat Key, FL.  She and her partner Steve came to my home for dinner tonight.

This is the sixth consecutive year that we’ve been able to get together here in Sarasota. 

In fact I’ve seen more of cousin Janet since 2006,  than in the thirty years prior.

My “new” (since 2006) friends Ron and Charlotte T. joined us.

We had a jolly evening, with lots of good conversation.  I served a cold supper – salad stuff - boston lettuce, orange pepper, cucumber, orange and red tomato, beets,  and  five bean salad –together with homemade (and very spicy) meatloaf, and good bread.

It all “worked”.

That was not just about the comestibles. It was also about the fellowship.

The five of us relaxed, and then engaged in an activity which is as old and valuable as human history.

We shared in a meal.  

We shared in lively conversation.

Folks have been doing this for at least ten thousand years!

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