Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A picture is worth......

As a result of the marvels of the internet I have been cyberly reunited with my earliest “best  friend” Jeff Davies.  

He and I hung around together for many years, starting when I was six years old (1950) and he was five, and continuing until we were in our early twenties. 

We never fell apart, we simply drifted apart.

In recent months Jeff and I have indulged in a veritable orgy of our memories of the “good old days”, (just to say that makes me feel very old!).

Jeff came across a photo’ which he had taken in about 1957/58.  The scene is Marsh Farm, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK.  There lived his father’s Aunt May (sister to Jeff’s grandmother), with her husband Uncle George.  It was one of those old fashioned small, and mostly dairy farms which were the backbone of British agriculture until the more recent days of agribusiness.

Jeff and I went out to Marsh Farm and stayed there on not a few occasions.

We remember collecting eggs which had been laid by the free-range hens, “larking around” in the hay-barn, exploring field and meadows at will, and eating old fashioned farmstead food,

We also remember that both Auntie May and Uncle George were pious and loving members of an “Exclusive Brethren” Assembly. Their piety was narrow, but their generous love was broad.

You’ll see me in this picture (at aged about 13/14) with a lot of hair, and a “kiss curl”.  On the back row left is Leslie, the farm hand. In the middle is the fabulous Auntie May. Next to her (with a cigar in his hand) is Jeff’s dad, Albert Davies.

A picture is worth a thousand memories!

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  1. Correction. Auntie May was Jeff's aunt, not his great aunt. She was his dad's sister.