Thursday, 5 January 2012

This, that, and none of the other

If you have checked out the photo’s of my trip to Australia on Flickr, do hit the tab which reads “details”.  There you will discover that each photo’ is identified, and that here and now I have added comments which describe the context.

My diet is fairly strict. It includes lots of fruit, vegetables, grains and beans. I eat mostly white meat. I restrict my intake of dairy products – though I have a soft spot for cheese.  Once in a while I break out.  For lunch today I ate eggs and bacon with toasted Ciabatta bread.  It was “heavenly”!

Why is it that people with right wing political convictions are all against regulations until they are elected to condominium/housing association boards?   Then they become the strictest enforcers of rules and regulations.

My neighbour across the street is Betty.  She is unfailingly cheerful.  She is always filled with good will and gracious thoughts.  I am glad that we are neighbours.

I have a splendid Primary Care Physician.  She is second to none in her professional skill, and in her “bedside manner”. But she always runs late.  Yesterday I had not been “called” some 25 minutes after my scheduled appointment. So I walked out.  Today I penned her very gentle letter, reminding her that my time is as valuable as her time.  I acknowledged that she is “caught up” in the ghastly bureaucratic of the dysfunctional American Health care system.  We the consumers must keep up our protests until the health care system is re-designed in favour of the patient.

Speaking of which.  There is no such thing as “Obama-care”.  Whatever the impact is, or will be, of recent health care reforms, do remember that they were voted in by majorities in the House and in the Senate. It was only after those votes that the President signed the bill and made it law.

My check/cheque book balance was out of synch with the bank statement.  As I attempted to reconcile the two I discovered that I had written a check/cheque for $360:00, but had entered into my cheque/check book register as $36:00. Wow – a $324 :00  difference against me.  It will be beans and rice for the rest of the month (only joking!)

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