Saturday, 3 March 2012

A fishy tale


Last Thursday (March 1st 2012) my pals Bill and Patrick went fishing again in the Gulf of Mexico.

They did well and reeled in a bountiful harvest of Mackerel.

Thing is, they do not like to eat Mackerel.

‘Nother thing is, my pal Ben and I are Mackerelphiles.

So Ben and I, were gifted by Bill and Patrick with about 6lbs (each) of gutted and filleted Mackerel.   Whoopee!


Of course I could not eat 6lbs of fish  in one session.

There was only one thing to do - I had to freeze it.

The other option was too dreadful for words.

After all – who wants “Mackerel Degeneration”

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  1. I remember Dad used to catch Mackerel off the P'cola coast. Enjoy!!!!! I can almost taste it! ~WP~