Friday, 30 March 2012

Sex, Crows, Herons, Raccoons. Life is never dull in SW Florida

1. There was high drama just outside my lanai this afternoon (30th March 2012).

I am not sure if I was witnessing copulation or grievous bodily harm. What I saw was one crow who was pinning another crow to the ground.

Was the dominant crow a male and the submissive a female?   Were they ensuring the evolution of their species?

Or were they two males in a fight for dominance:  their part of the survival of the fittest?

I’ll never know, for neither of the crows spoke English, and I do not speak Crow.

What I do know is that within seconds a whole gang of crows came to witness this.  They cawed with great energy and enthusiasm.

I came to the conclusion that these spectator crows were either like:
(a) The audience in a gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome or
(b) Dirty old men at a strip club

I am embarrassed to tell you that my junior cat Adelaide was enthralled by this performance.   She watched every moment, she chattered with glee, and I know that she longed to be “let out” to mix it up with the crows. Adelaide is a voyeur cat!

2. Later in the day as I walked around the pond with Penne I heard the screeches of a Great Blue Heron.  Believe it or not this massive heron was being harassed by two crows. Large as it was, the heron took refuge under a shrub.  The crows flew away (probably to have sex in an undisclosed location!)

3. In that same mid-afternoon walk, as Penne and I rounded a bend I was momentarily startled.  There before us was a Racoon.  This was not good.  Racoons are nocturnal animals.  The ones who venture out in daylight are often rabid.

I “jumped”, Penne strained at her leash, the Racoon ran away and climbed a nearby tree.


I found all this to be much more exciting than “Reality T.V.”

Maybe I am too easily amused!

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