Thursday, 10 May 2012

My respect of the U.S. Military (see 6) and other thoughts (see 1 - 5)

1. The Lord Jesus was not a liberal Democrat

2. The Lord Jesus never attended a Tea Party

3. Governor Romney’s Mormon faith ought not to be an issue in the General Election.  Let’s vote for him, or not vote for him based on his track record as Governor of Massachusetts and the policies he espouses.

4. Being in favour of same sex marriage should not be described as a “war on marriage”. Gay and Lesbian people are saying that they respect marriage so much that they want it to include them.

5. I know many gay and lesbian people who have been in committed, monogamous, faith-filled relationships for thirty, forty or fifty years.

6. The American Military models so much which is admirable and should be emulated in civilian society.  e.g.

a) The military commitment to affirmative action for racial and other minorities.

b) The honourable and gracious way in which military leaders have responded to the repeal of “don’t ask – don’t tell”. (It is now “safer” to be gay/lesbian in the military than in many Churches!)

c) The engagement of the military (especially the Navy) in planet friendly “green” policies and practices.

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