Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Siesta Key Church FL driver cuts me off.

I was driving west on Stickney Point Road in Sarasota FL this morning.  I was in the right hand lane, all ready to turn right onto Midnight Pass Road.

Traffic was slow in the right hand lane because the South Drawbridge to Siesta Key had just been opened and then closed.

 As the traffic began to move, a very zippy green coloured sports car raced up on my left, and then cut me off as it zoomed into the right hand lane just ahead of me.

I noticed two things about this car.

First:  a bumper sticker which read “Just Be Nice”.  I thought “that driving was not very nice!”

Second:  a St. Boniface Church decal.

Oh no. The reckless driver of this car with its “Just Be Nice” bumper sticker was clearly a member of St. Boniface Church (to which I was driving).

I had imagined that St. Boniface Church members had more gracious standards of behaviour.

“Just Being Nice” is not good enough if selfish driving puts other motorists at risk.

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