Saturday, 28 July 2012

Be careful when you criticise the British.

From today's London Guardian.

"...  Brits bitch and moan about everything all the time. They are characterologically piss-takers and doom-mongers, fearing (and predicting) national embarrassment always around the corner. But if a non-Brit joins in the doom chorus, the ranks will close, and the anger will be intense"

The "Guardian" has it right.

Smart-ass Americans should bear this in mind.

They should lay off we Brits....  we are not as dumb as many  Americans think we are.

In fact, as a mature people,  we are much more capable of self criticism than the  "Johnny come lately" Americans..

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  1. The English have viciously taken the mick out of their monarchs for centuries. But after the Olympics opening ceremony a photoshop did the rounds with the Queen going on about owning other countries. I was furious, mostly because the joke was based (like so much American political thinking) on mythology. If they are going to criticise the culture of another country they really ought to get their facts straight first. If American TV comedy is anything to go by, Americans are still at the "All Irishmen are thick" level of understanding people from different cultures.