Friday, 27 July 2012

My friend Betty

I am not sure when I first met Betty.

She lives in the neighbouring community of Glen Oaks Manor, so it’s more than likely that we met on one of those days when I was walking my beloved dog Penne around the Glen Oaks Manor pond.

As I got to know her I also met one of her sons. His name was Stephen. He was a former Methodist Minister.  He died from cancer seven months ago. He was a sweet man.

Betty was born in 1924.  She and her deceased husband were Marines during WW II.

As Penne and I walk-about we often encounter Betty.  I have to announce our presence because Betty’s sight is all but gone.

Betty came to my home for lunch on July 3rd this year.   On that day she met my good friends Jack and Donna Chrisman.  We had a lovely visit.

Betty was at my home again this evening.  I had a “drinks party” for her, for my friend Bob Lewis, and for my neighbours Ed Green and Eddie Palmer.

We had such fun.

This was because my octogenarian friend Betty is such a hot ticket.

Her witty tongue, thoughtful insight, and clever humour enabled a fabulous evening.

I thank goodness for 88 year old folks such as Betty who live life to the fullest.

P.S. Betty is off by plane tomorrow to Biloxi MI to play the slots in a casino for a couple of days.  

Much as I despise gambling I adore her sprit. 

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