Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, FLY,Fabulous government workers

I drove across our beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge to St. Petersburg, FL this morning, and then home again this afternoon.

The bridge, across Tampa Bay, links the SW Florida Counties of Manatee and Pinellas.

To my utter horror (tongue in cheek) the toll has been increased from a dollar to$1.25.each way.

Jesting apart, I am more than happy to pay the new toll.

Dollars apart, the toll collectors on the bridge are the most polite and cheerful public employees. It is a joy to encounter them.

I am happy to pay the Sunshine Skyway Bridge tolls (they are a bargain).

And I am tickled pink to encounter and be grateful for these  happy, polite and gracious toll collectors.

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