Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Yesterday a Liberal Socialist/ Today a conservative curmudgeon

So, yesterday I was a liberal/socialist,

I make no apologies.  There is a fine tradition of Christian socialism in my native land (the United Kingdom), and of Christian liberalism in my adopted land (the United States). I am proud of this these heritages.

Today I am a slightly conservative curmudgeon.

You see, the governing body of the Episcopal Church has been at work in what we call our General Convention.

General Convention meets every three years.

It consists of:

(a) Bishops (in the “House of Bishops”), and

(b)  Deputies,  four elected priests and four elected lay leaders from each Diocese, (in the “House of Deputies”).

Legislation becomes effective if and only it has been approved by both “houses”.

Thus I am a member of a Church in which governance depends upon a consensus between Bishops, Priests, and Lay leaders.  That’s so cool.

This year the General Convention is meeting in Indianapolis.IN.

Convention has approved all manner of resolutions, viz:

1. Setting up a committee to restructure the Church: (funny – I thought that was the work of the Holy Spirit!).

2. Approving the full inclusion of transgendered people in the Church (all well and good).

3. Accepting and adopting liturgical Rites for the blessing of same sex relationships ( I can live with that, despite my doubts that God gives a damn about our fancy words).

.  My liberal Christianity says “O.K.”

But my conservative curmudgeon Christian side asks: does General Convention have anything to say about:

1. Repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ (see  Acts 20:21)

2. The life of discipline as we strive to follow the Lord Jesus.

3. The call to pray at all times without ceasing

4. The willingness to love and support Christians with whom we disagree -  i.e. to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ”. (Galatians 6:2)

Just asking!


  1. Someone might mistake you for an evangelical

  2. I believe Socialism is a good thing but was afraid to mention it until I read the above. Thanks for helping me come out . What a wonderful article about our Dean Taylor in the paper this am. Fred