A fallen man

At 6:41 and 25 seconds (U.S. Eastern Time) this morning (3rd August 2012) as I was walking my dog,  I slipped and fell in my neighbouring  community "Glen Oaks Manor"

I slipped on some sand which had been washed out on a side walk during or recent tropical storm.

I “suffered” minor abrasions to my left knee and to my left arm.  I broke the fall on the fleshy part of my right hand. It is now a bit swollen.

The greater injury was to my dignity.

My fall was observed by two other early morning dog walkers.

They were appropriately concerned, but entirely relieved when I told them that all was well.   They were able to smile when I assured that that I was cold sober at 6:41 and 25 seconds a.m.

It’s comforting to know that had I broken or sprained my wrist these other dog walkers would have been there to assist me.

My good dog Penne stayed by my side even though I had dropped her leash.


 For the next ten minutes of our walk Penne looked up at me frequently as if to ask “Are you O.K?”.

And in those ten minutes I had to stop walking from time to time so that I could tickle Penne’s chin and assure her that “Daddy” was O.K

I choose to think that Penne is deeply protective of her “Papa”.

My fall was indubitably at 6:41 and 25 seconds a.m. (U.S. Eastern Time). For when I fell the “jolt” caused my wrist watch to stop at that particular time.

Later in the morning I was able to re-start my watch.

And for most of this day I have lavished praise on Penne.


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