Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bleah x 3

1. "Google” the host of my blog “Povey Prattle” has determined that I have exhausted my allowance of free photo’s (to be stored by Google and then added to my blog).

Google has asked me to pay $2.50 per month to enable me to add more photo’s to the blog.  I have not yet decided to pay this fee.  Please be patient if Povey Prattle no longer includes photo’s BLEAH

2. When my nephew Sam was here from England last year we went “jet-skiing” on the intra-coastal water way. I allowed Sam to drive the jet ski, and he, the little turd, made sure that I was tossed off the jet-ski and into the water,!  Ha Ha!.    I had to swim back to the jet-ski.

After our giggles and laughter I announced (with great relief) that my watch was still ticking.

A few days ago I slipped and fell. The fall stopped my watch. But I was able to restart it soon afterwards.

On Friday morning 3rd August 2012 I stepped into my shower, and in a moment of thoughtlessness I forgot to remove my watch.

It got a good soaking. It no longer works. BLEAH.

3. Last Thursday morning I bought a rotisserie chicken at our local Sam’s Club.  I stripped off all the meat, then double wrapped the bones and carcass in plastic bags and placed the wastage in my trash can.

On Friday morning I was greeted by a mess. A Racoon had tipped the trash can over as he/she ate the chicken bones etc.

I re-bagged the mess, triple wrapping it, and adding copious amounts of chlorine bleach.  ‘Twas all to no avail.  That crafty racoon got into the trash can and made another mess which greeted me on Saturday morning.  I cleaned up the mess.

So on Saturday I bought some racoon repellent and sprayed copious amounts inside the trash can, all around the can, and on the surrounding ground.

Oh shoot, oh sugar. That did not help one little bit. Mr. or Mrs. Racoon again ravaged my trash can. I was greeted this morning by yet another mess.

I cleaned up all the detritus, and re-bagged it. Then I took it in my car and dumped it in the St. Boniface Church dumpster/skip.  Please do not tell anyone that I did this.


Tomorrow I will search for an animal proof trash can.

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