Friday, 10 August 2012

Wondrous smells and a good Sarasota Auto Repair Business.

I drove down to Sam’s Auto Repair on Lockwood Ridge Road this morning. I took my car there for some routine maintenance.

Penne came with me.  She loves to ride in the car.

After leaving my car at Sam’s, she and I walked home. It’s a 1 ½ mile walk which is easily achievable in half an hour.

Penne was in dog heaven.  This was new territory for her.  So many new things to see, and more importantly -  so many new and interesting smells.

It was a wonderful adventure for Penne.

And by the way:-  Sam’s is an old fashioned (AAA listed) auto repair business.

I, and many others, trust them to be very efficient and not horribly expensive. It’s nice to recommend a locally owned and trustworthy business.

And as an AAA member I got a reduction of 10% in labour costs.

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