Monday, 3 September 2012

Busting her ass for minimum wages..

I stopped by my local convenience store this morning.  It’s a place at which most of the employees know me.  That’s cool in this semi-anonymous world.

My wee purchases amounted to $8.73.

I tendered a ten dollar bill, and the clerk/assistant rendered me $1.27 in change, which I shoved into a pocket in my khaki shorts, rather than into my billfold.

When I got home I emptied my pocket onto my hall table.

A bit later I looked at this money.  I saw not a dollar bill and change, but a ten dollar bill and change.  This was too much, for I knew that I had spent only $8.73 using a ten dollar bill, and that my “change” should have been no more than $1.73.

So I raced back to the convenience store.  The clerk/assistant who had waited on me was still at work.

I hastened to tell her that she had given me too much change.

She already knew this, and had “chased after me” (to no avail) as I had left the store
She was “tickled pink” that I had discovered her mistake, and had returned to her store to correct it.

I was also “tickled pink” -  for if  I had not so done she would have had these dollars deducted from her pay.

It was the right thing to do.

It was also a joyous encounter between me and a lovely young woman who “busts her ass” to earn an honest dollar

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