Sunday, 2 September 2012

Indian Christians in a Muslim Country

Last Wednesday I was at one of the St. Boniface Church “House Church” events.  I was in awe as our Assistant Priest Andi Taylor unfolded her hand made model of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

The model included a depiction of the Garden Tomb in which (according to the Gospels) Jesus’ dead body was laid.

Suddenly I remembered an old song -  I am not sure if it is a “Gospel Song” or  a “Spiritual”..It starts with the words “They crucified my Saviour”.

I looked it up on You Tube.

There I found a rendition from (of all places), Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman.

In that Sultanate there is a Christian Church. (Yes indeed, there is religious freedom in some Islamic States).

The Muscat Church is of Indian origin.

Let your mind be boggled!  There is a Christian Church with mostly Indian membership in a Muslim Sultanate.

That Indian/Christian Church has a male voice choir which offers a fabulous version of “They crucified my Saviour”.

Enjoy this video,  and allow it to demolish some of your stereotypes of Islamic countries and  Indian Christians.

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