Monday, 15 October 2012

Gwen Sears, and the providence of God

The fabulous Diane Rehm had the actor F. Murray Abraham on her show today.  He “came to fame” when he played the role of the composer Antonio Salieri in the film “Amadeus”.

Mr. Abraham has had a distinguished career as an actor, as much on the stage as in film.
You can hear this  Diane Rehm show at

As you listen you will hear Mr. Murray refer more than once to events in his life which he describes as “providential”.

This was unusual because the religious doctrine of “providence”, though much appreciated and favoured by Calvinists/Puritans has fallen out of favour. Nonetheless  Mr Murray speaks freely of “providence”.
The word refers to the gracious provisions which God sends our way.  “God will provide” as they say.

God provides!

In the providence of God I met a fabulous woman back in 1975.  She has been a friend, mentor, ally honest critic, and confessor.

Her name is the Revd. Gwen W Sears. She is a Deacon in our Episcopal Church.  We served together for sixteen years at St. Stephen’s Parish, Pittsfield, MA

This weekend Gwen came down to Cape Coral FL (some 90 miles south of my home in Sarasota) to officiate at the wedding of Matthew Sears, one her grandsons.

I drove to Cape Coral today so that Gwen and I could hook up for lunch.

OMG, it was so wonderful to see her.

Providential eh?

Gwen and Michael

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