Friday, 16 November 2012

Colleges in SW FL.

When I travel down to Englewood FL (to officiate as a supply priest at S. David’s Episcopal Church in that town) I take FL Route 776 in south Venice.

There I pass side streets which are named for various colleges or universities
It’s a long list. Here are the street names.

Bowdoin, Columbia, Rutgers, Dartmouth, Clemson, Oberlin, Tulane. Cornell, Stanford, Loyola, Temple, Hobart, Syracuse, Duquesne, Drew, Colgate, Yale, Fordham, Duke, Urbana, Brown, Villanova, Trinity, Wesleyan, and Perdue.

American readers will recognise these as “prestigious” institutions.

Yet it is a very eclectic list with no rhyme or reason to connect these places, or to exclude others

Maybe the developer of these streets was fond of higher education (terrific), but named the streets from memory rather than from a consistent theme.


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