Monday, 12 November 2012

Whoop dee doo

Whoop dee doo

1. Saw my dermatologist today. She discovered that the lump on my pate was not another squamous cell carcinoma.

Rather, it was a cyst, created by one little stitch which the Dermatological surgeon failed to remove after my previous surgery. My dermatologist removed this little stitch.

2. Off to St. Petersburg/Clearwater FL tomorrow to hook up with my cousins Janet from Bristol, and her partner Steve.

There we will take a flight: a joyride in a four passenger Cessna with Patrick our pilot, (who took Martyn, Sam, and Toby on a joyride back in September).

 We will fly south from St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport, across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and then across Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, then back to the airport.

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