Saturday, 29 December 2012

End of year musings

1. Yesterday (Dec 28th 2012) I was a guest at an “end of the year” party, hosted by my neighbours Pat Cosgrove and Bill Byers.

Pat and Bill host this party every year, and they do it so well. They provide good food and they invite thirty or more guests.

It is always such a relaxed event.

So I “kicked back”, and enjoyed being with some of my dear Florida friends (Bob Lewis, Ben Morse, Kay Dohoney and Barbara Dunne) and with other good folks (Tom, Tony, Alice, Irene) who I see just about three times each year, and also with another Tom (a friend from Pittsfield days who visits SRQ about three times each year).

2. Penne was looking very sad this morning.

3. My trip to Vietnam (at the end of January 2013) will include a modest amount of trekking.  I did not want to purchase expensive heavy trekking boots, so I bought these “Sonoma” walking shoes at “Kohls”..

They were reduced in price from $78 to $38.  I think that they will be more than adequate for my treks, and I am already using them in order to “break them in”.

4. When I mention my impending trip to my friends I get varying reactions:

(a) There are those who roll their eyes as if I were crazy.
(b) There are others who ask “why Vietnam?” My response is “because it is there”.
(c) My very best friends say “this will be a great adventure and I/we are so happy for you”.

5. In truth I want to have a few more adventures whilst my spirit and flesh are willing and able.

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  1. Absolutley, good on you. May you live as long as you to !! (& want to as long as you live)