Monday, 17 December 2012

Home, sweet home

Home, sweet home.

I am back at home after a brief vacation.

Last Friday I arrived in Phoenix to stay with my dear and beloved friend Joyce.  (She was a parishioner in Pittsfield MA)

We enjoyed two very relaxing days together, despite the unusual rainy and cold weather in Arizona.

We did not need to “do” anything, we simply enjoyed being together.

Michael and Joyce

Nevertheless we took one trip:to the Museum of Musical Instruments:

There amongst many other things we viewed John Lennon’s piano - on which he composed “Imagine”.

John Lennon's piano

John Lennon apart,  Joyce and I enjoyed a bit of shopping, a lot of talking, and the worship of God at Joyce’s parish: “St Barnabas in the Desert” in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley.


After Church and lunch with Joyce I took a flight from Phoenix AZ to Tampa FL (the flight arrived in Tampa 20 minutes early!!, and then I stayed overnight at a “La Quinta” Inn near TPA,

After a good night of sleep I drove up to Lutz, FL to connect with former Cambridge parishioners: - Dr. Michelle Holmes – a breast cancer researcher at Harvard Medical School, her husband Derrick  Z Jackson – a “Boston Globe” columnist;  and their younger son Tano, (who has just graduated from college, and is about to train as a Chef at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.)

Michelle, Tano, Derrick

(Michelle, Derrick and Tano were in this neck of the woods to attend the ceremony at which Derrick’s nephew was awarded he “Eagle Scout” badge)
We enjoyed lunch at the Spanish inspired restaurant in Ybor City, FL The Columbia”  (see

Although I am very tired this evening, I am so glad that I can make and enjoy these connections!

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