Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Penne in heaven

“Kate is coming today”.  That’s what I told Penne earlier today.  Kate is the great woman who cleans my house (she retired last summer but has “un-retired”).

Penne likes Kate, and Kate adores Penne.  When Kate arrived Penne gave her many “kisses”.

Whilst Kate worked I went off to have a haircut, to return a book to the library, and to lead the weekly prayer service at Resurrections House.

That being done I walked with Penne, had lunch, and walked again.

Then I drove over to Sarasota’s fabulous Asolo Theatre for a matinee performance of the musical 1776 (which premiered in 1969).

 (cut and paste if necessary)

My guests were the wonderful Ron and Charlotte Thompson. We enjoyed every minute of the show – with its historical accuracy, humour, lively music and superb acting.

Post-show, Ron and Char headed towards the home of my good friend Ben, for a pre-dinner gathering.

I drove home, fed the cats, and then walked Penne over to Ben’s home.  Our mutual friend Bob was also there.

Penne was in heaven!  She rejoiced in the presence of her favourite people: Ben, Bob, Charlotte and Ron (and me!). She is such a good dog in other folk’s homes.  After enjoying their attention for a minute or two she settles down, relaxes, and stretches out on the floor in perfect bliss.

On our way home we encountered two regular walkers (I do not know their names) who are also very fond of Penne.  Of course she basked in their attention.

I had a good day.

Penne had a great day!

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