Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The power of suggestion

My good nephew Nick and his fabulous wife Lesley (“Lel”) were in Glasgow, Scotland today to do some Christmas shopping.

Lord alone knows why they travelled the 371 miles from our home City of Bristol, England to get stuff in Glasgow which was probably readily available at home.

Not to worry – “Lel” posted on her Facebook page that she was in line at the station (rail?) to get a “Bacon Sarny”.

This, being interpreted for Americans, means a “Bacon Sandwich”.

“A bacon sandwich?”  : -  “who could wish for anything more!”

Not I.!

The power of suggestion is often irresistible!

Thus, inspired by Lel, I bought some bacon this morning with the intention of having a bacon (plus lettuce and tomato) sandwich for my supper today.

“Fate” intervened, via my friends Ron and Charlotte Thompson. They hosted a magnificent birthday lunch for our mutual friend Bob Lewis.

We ate:

1.  Fabulous nibbles (including Charlotte’s homemade salmon spread).

2 Deliciously spiced pumpkin soup, also made from scratch by Charlotte.

3 A gorgeous salad with blue cheese and pecans.

4 Charlotte’s wonderful cake (lemon cake with basil) for dessert.

After the lunch time feast I am fuller than full.

So the BLT will be postponed until Thursday or Friday.


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  1. The Wellington in Darley used to make the best bacon sandwich on their Yorkshire baps ... not streaky bacon, good English bacon. I do miss that.