Thursday, 24 January 2013



I was at my favorite local Supermarket yesterday afternoon.  It was all very sad.  The market is closing, and the shelves are being stripped bare.

Next to no meat.  Very little produce.  Deli counter closed.  Fish counter closed.  Bakery closed.  It reminded me of one of those pictures of a Russian supermarket in Soviet days.

I said my adieus.  To Liz and to Maribel, check out clerks who have been unfailingly friendly and helpful. To the store manager, out on his ear after 32 years of service.

It's all in the nature of capitalism.

"Sweetbay"  is closing many stores in Florida.  That chain is a minnow in the Florida market where the leviathan  "Publix" commands an overwhelming 60% of the market.

Competition is fierce and is being  exacerbated by the success of some of the newer and more "up-scale" vendors: "Whole Food", "Fresh Market" and "Trader Joe's".

I will miss my local "Sweetbay" where the prices were good, the produce was always fresh, and the staff were the tops.

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