Sunday, 20 January 2013

This time next week.

“Lord willing, and if the crick don’t rise” .....

.......this time next week I’ll be on a United Airlines flight from LA to Bangkok, via Tokyo.

Then I’ll have an overnight stay at the Novotel Hotel at Bangkok (BKK) airport (Jan 28/29)

On Jan 29th I’ll fly from Bangkok to Hanoi.

 My adventure will begin in Hanoi with a local company known as  (cut and paste this URL if necessary)

I especially like their commitment to sustainable tourism.

As part of the tour I/we will trek to the village of Sapa, and stay overnight with a local family.

See: (cut and paste this URL if necessary)

Since I know and believe that my host Vietnamese villagers will also be interested in my family I will take some of my ‘photos to shew to them.


My family in 1979 on brother Martyn's wedding day:  Back Row: l-r Martyn, jmp, brothers Steve  David and Andrew. Front Row Sisters Jean and Maureen, Mum, sisters Liz and  Ruth, Our Dad had already passed,

Our Dad (already sick with cancer at bro. Steve's wedding in  1972 (?)

My twin sister and I  (approx 1953)

My twin sister and I (1944).  I am on the left.

Our Mum (in Saundersfoot, Wales)  maybe in  1997/1998

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