Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dr. Grace Jones - and my pate

Dr. Grace Jones is one of my best friends. She is also a wise mentor.
Grace was my Junior Warden at St. Stephen’s Pittsfield.

From Pittsfield she moved to work for SUNY in Oneonta, N.Y., then to be a Community College President in Utah; and finally to be the President at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT.

She is a wise woman; and a great leader. But she has placed a hex on me (lmao).

A few years ago I stayed with Grace at her home in Norwich, CT.  Soon after going to bed, I got up in the darkness to change an air-con setting.

I went back to bed.  But when I sat down -  whew – it was not on the bed.  Instead, it was on the floor.  In that process I hit my head on a bed-side table  ---and my head bled profusely.

Last night (Feb 22nd 2013) I had a long and good conversation with Grace.

That being over I made some supper. In that process I opened a kitchen cabinet door but neglected to shut it.

Guess what?  I banged my head on a corner of that door, and my head again bled, and bled and bled.


Has Grace Jones placed a hex on my pate?


Should I take greater care?

(P.S I know the answer, and it has nothing to do with Grace).

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