Thursday, 28 March 2013

A bolt, a nut and a washer.

All I needed to repair a chair was one bolt, one nut, and one washer.

Fortunately I had an alternative to those Big Box  DYI stores where nuts, bolts, washers etc are sold in clamshell containers, each containing about a dozen of the articles.

Yes, I went to ACE hardware.  In that store there are scores of small drawers, each carefully labelled, where you can buy all manner of nuts, bolts, screws, washers etc – in whatever quantity you need,

And ACE provides cool little brown paper bags in which you place your purchases, and on which you write the quantity, and the price.

Is that cool?  You’re darn right it is. I bought one bolt, one washer, and one washer for the princely sum of 81cents, (plus tax).

No waste!  Good stewardship.  Thank you ACE.

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