Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sandhill Cranes

Outside my backdoor (20
Outside my backdoor ,(1)

Once in a while I am graced by the visit of some Sandhill Cranes. 
They (in my opinion) are amongst the most beautiful and elegant of birds/water fowl. 
Sandhill Cranes mate for life. When they have a chick they take care of it (male or female) for a long time.  So we often see these fabulous birds in companies of three (never in flocks).
Earlier today I heard a grating, almost hoarse, and quite unpleasant call near my home. It attracted the attention of my two cats and my dog.
Yes indeed it was the calling of two Sandhill Cranes who were just outside of my back door.
Lord above, they are beautiful.
Lord above, they have ugly calls.
It’s a bit like meeting  Britney Spears, and discovering that she sounds like Phyllis Diller.
But I rejoice in the beauty of these Cranes. 

Thanks be to Evolution/ ”God”.

Photo via my friend Bill Byers

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