Doppelganger? , Family, Friends.

My good nephew Nick snapped a photo' of a BBC 4 presenter (who was talking about ants). Nick thinks that this man is my doppelganger.

My doppelganger?

My first cousin Chris posted a photo of him with my Aunt Irene.  She has always been my favorite aunt, and is the only one of my five aunts (all by marriage) who still lives. (Some Sarasota friends have met my cousin Janet. She is Irene's daughter, and Chris's brother.)

My favourite Aunt and her son, my cousin Chris.

My dear friends Jack and Pat McLaughlin are once again at their time share on Longboat Key.  I knew Jack, Pat and their children when I was the Rector at St. Stephen's, Pittsfield.

I was always very fond of their younger daughter Jennifer, who was 14 years old when I began my ministry in Pittsfield.(1984)   So I was more than happy to assist at her marriage to Scott Doane back in 1998.

Scott and Jennie adopted two children, Emma and Meghan.  I met Emma when she was two years old in 2002.  I was back in Pittsfield ( for Deacon Jack Fickling's funeral?) .  I'd never met Meghan.

Scott, Jennifer, Emma and Meghan are with Jen's parents at the time share this week. I joined them all for lunch today.  It was a "glory hallelujah" reunion!

Dear young Emma could hardly get it around her mind when I told her that I knew her mother (Jen)  when she was 14 years old - for she (Emma) will be 14 next year!

Emma, Jennifer, Scott, Meghan.


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