Saturday, 16 March 2013

Maureen Theobald .. a great sister,... our Dad,... and Bizet's Opera "The Pearl Fishers"

I was at the Sarasota Opera’s production of “The Pearl Fishers” by Georges Bizet this afternoon.
As is the case in many operas the plot is a bit thin.  (That’s also the case for many Television “Dramas”.)
So I suspended judgement in order to enjoy the music.  In particular I wanted to hear the famous tenor/baritone duet in which two characters (Nadir and Zurga) pledge eternal friendship.
For you see, I have heard thus duet many times via recordings, but I’ve never before heard it “live”.
I was not disappointed. Nadir (sung by Heath Huberg), and Zurga (sung by Lee Poulis), were very good.
Indeed their singing brought tears to my eyes.
This was partly because of the beauty of the music.
But it was mostly because of memory.
I “saw” myself in the back kitchen of our home in Bristol.  There my dearest Dad would often sit, enjoying classical music from the B.B.C.
My fabulous oldest sister Maureen would sometimes be there.  From time to time I would join them.
And Dad, Maureen and I would always be awed when the Pearl Fishers duet was played.’
My teary eyes this afternoon had something to do with Bizet’s music as I heard it “live” for the first time.
But they had more to do with my memories of a Dad who could make me angry, but who also introduced me to musical beauty; and also to do with my fabulous oldest sister Maureen.  She is the greatest!
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