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Penne had her annual check up this morning.

As we entered the “Animal Medical Clinic” she began to tremble all over, even as she wagged her tail. 

When we went through the door leading to the examining room she bounded up to the scale at the end of the corridor, and hopped on it as if this were an everyday routine.  She weighed in at 36.9 lbs, “perfect”: said the vet, for her age and size. 

Our regular vet, Dr. Steve K. is very sick so we had a locum, Dr. Barbara McN.  I must say (even though I like Dr. K) I felt that Dr. McN had more simpatico for Penne
Penne had her three years Rabies Vaccination, her annual Leptospirosis and Bordetella Vaccinations, and her two years Parvo Vaccination. 

She did not flinch as the Doctor administered these shots, and she retained her dignity and poise when the Veterinarian did something rather inelegant at her south end. 

The Doctor determined (thank goodness) that my fabulous dog is free from heartworm.

Although Penne can sometimes be so very nervous, once we lifted her onto the examining table she relaxed so very beautifully
Penne emerged from her annual physical with flying colours.

I emerged minus $232.


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