Saturday, 18 May 2013

Connor, a friend, was beaten up.

Connor - is one of the fabulous young people from my  St. James's Cambridge days. He was beaten up on Friday night.

Connor's Mum (Tess Pope) writes this regarding what happened:

"And so summer begins. At the ER with Connor until 5 a.m. A joke about the relative merits of one exam school over another can lead to this? 5 kids kicking Connor in the head???

What is the mind set here? How do you justify kicking another person in the head? Or being part of a group of 5 kicking 1 person in the head? The kids who did this were not lacking in privilege or opportunity, most of them growing up in West Roxbury."


Connor on the E.R. after having been beaten up on Friday .
All violence is rotten, but it seems to be more awful when it is inflicted upon a person for whom you care deeply (jmp)

I called Connor this afternoon.  He is in good spirits, but his body is hurting.

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