Humour at the polling place.

This morning I took myself to a local Church which was the site for voting in Sarasota's Precinct 125.  We have a run-off election for two City Commissioners.

I didn't notice that there were two registration places, arranged according to the first letter of the voter's last name.

The registering Clerk look at my photo' I.D. -  then, realising that I was at the wrong desk she said

"Oh, you'll have to go to P".

There was a split second of silence, then the whole room erupted into laughter.  The Clerk had a very red face.


  1. Blogs need "like" buttons, I think.

    On a similar note, my beloved is a medical professional. You may have noticed that they have their own language. When I am in my local department store or supermarket and hear a voice on the intercom say: "Supervisor, void on register 6," I fall into hysterics imagining a supervisor racing to register 6 to void (or pee) all over it.

  2. lol, which I don't do often (enough).


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