Saturday, 8 June 2013

Busy doing nothing.

This has been such a gorgeously peaceful day.  My contentment level is at about 99%.

I had nothing “to do” except to pray, to enjoy life, and to pamper my pets.

Well, in the “to do” department there was a quick trip to the market to get some Fava beans, zucchini and butter.  But buying “Fava (Broad) Beans” and the anticipation of eating them is for me more of a spiritual experience than a shopping task!

That being understood I relaxed.
I finished reading some “New Yorker” magazine articles.
 I immersed myself in a library book entitled: “Finding Moosewood Finding God” by Jack Perkins (Zondervan 2013) . 
The book jacket blurb added (What Happened When a TV Newsman Abandoned His Career for Life On An Island”)
I comment: (It’s a lovely tale).

THEN I turned my attention to the T.V. channels C-Span 1 and C-Span2  

( )

C-Span is one of the finest (and underrated)  T.V. organisations.

Today C-Span featured  wonderful programmes about books.

1. I was enthralled as the  Boston Globe’s  Kevin Cullen and Shelley Murphy talked about their new book (which I will certainly purchase) “Whitey Bulger –America’s Most Wanted Gangster and the Manhunt That Brought Him to Justice”.

2. I was intrigued to listen to Marvin Kalb as he chatted about his important book “The Road to War: Presidential Commitments, Honored and Betrayed”.

3.  I was fascinated as ex-CIA operative Lou Mehrer talked about a little known Cold War operation in Berlin: “Operation Gold- the Berlin Tunnel” . See


A.     C Span is a national treasure – a shining star in T.V’s trivial wasteland.

B.    I am so blessed to be “busy doing nothing” on a lovely day in my 8th year of retirement.   AMDG.
C.  In the midst of this I treasure my "friendship"  with my gorgeous Penne


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