222 - June Two - Two events - Too much food.

I was down at St. David's Church in Englewood FL this morning to serve as a "supply Priest"  on the Sunday before their new Rector  begins his ministry.

The people of St. David's and I enjoy each other.

This, being the first Sunday of the month, was St. David's "after service breakfast day".

So after the 8:00 Eucharist I feasted on biscuits with gravy, cheese grits, scrambled eggs, and sausage. It was darn good food.


Back in SRQ,  after walking Penne I took myself to the home of my good friends Jack and Donna Chrisman for lunch.

Donna, Jack and I enjoy each other.

Lunch was a fabulous frittata, alongside imported  English back bacon and "bangers" (sausages). Too good to be true!.


Great and delicious food in both places, alongside great company.

But the irresistible food was off my normal diet, so  "blimey  am I bloated"!


It will be back to fruit and veggies  for the next few days.


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