Sunday, 30 June 2013

Down Memory Lane Again

My Bristol, U.K.  pal Jeff Davies sent me some more photo's from "way back when".  They were taken in the back garden of his home, on the other side of our home from  the old London, Midland and Scottish Railway line which went from Bristol to Birmingham.

You will see me in one of the pics, together with my twin sister Elizabeth, and our "cousin" Ann from Lowestoft, U.K.

Jeff joins us in the other pic.

My guess is that Elizabeth and I were aged 12 or 13.  Certainly my twin had her "growth spurt" before I.

Jeff was one year younger.

It took a bit of detective work to identify Ann, who was from Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I remembered her visit to Bristol but I could not remember her name, and how we were related. My first cousin Janet did the detective work which identified Ann.

Ann (now Ann Hunter) is the daughter of my mother's first cousin "Audrey" - (Aunt Audrey to me).

Mum had taken some of us Povey kids to Lowestoft (her birth place), when I was about eleven years old. (The 240 mile journey took 12 hours by 'bus).

There we met her Aunt Ada (her mother's sister), and some of Ada's children - including Audrey.

Soon afterwards Ann came to visit us in Bristol.  Her first impression was that "it's all so hilly". (Lowestoft is in the great eastern plain of England).

By one of those nice historical coincidences,  Jeff Davies' Mum was also from Lowestoft. So we had a lot in common. We both liked the town where our mothers had been born.

My younger brothers have lovely memories of their later holidays with Mum and Dad in Lowestoft - (pronounced low-stuff.).

Ann Hunter, Elizabeth, jmp and Jeff Davies.

Ann Hunter, Elizabeth, and jmp

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