Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A tale of three neighbours. (Tuesday's blog entry revised)

There is neighbour A, neighbour B, and Neighbour C
They live side by side   in a single story triplex condominium unit.
 B has had her moments – in which she has variously described A as a “m-f”, or as an  “s-0-b”.  But then again she’s also said this about a fair number of other residents.
Earlier this year A and B began to have some simple and civilised chats after not having spoken to each other for close to two years.
In more recent months B has had various health problems. At one time she was close to death.
 A wishes that he could help B but it ain’t that simple.
B returned yesterday from yet another hospital stay.  She chatted for a wee while in the driveway with A and C.   Then  C helped A her into the house.  But A, just out of the hospital, could not get into bed, so in due course A and C had to call the EMT’s . 
B refused any treatment, but they did manage to lift her into her bed.
The EMT’s were back again today, together with a fire truck.  Once  again B refused to be hospitalised.
A and C believe that B is a danger to herself, and possibly to us.  Some folks believe that she is a hoarder.   With her likely/ possible hoarding come rats - some of which have wandered through the eaves into A and C’s homes.  B is also a chain smoker (surrounded as she is by indoor trash).  This is scary.   With that in mind A expressed his concerns with the Fire Dept Lieutenant today.
He in turn promised to report the situation to some State authority or other, in the hope that B can be freed from her own predicament. 
A and C shall wait and see.  
There may well be a Maginot line between B’s rights and A and B’s concerns.

But A and C do not welcome rats, and hate the thought of a fire.

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