Friday, 14 June 2013

Toilets. Towels. Titillation,

The plastic lever which is attached to the toilet flushing handle and thereby lifts the flush valve snapped yesterday morning.
I investigated and decided that this called for a minor replacement of a small part - which was well within my limited capability.
Or so I thought.  But I had not reckoned with the fact that the plastic nut which secures the handle was in reverse.  Hence, when I tried to open the nut I was simply tightening it. Frustration abounded.
Our Condominium Association’s handyman came to my rescue; He understood the reverse nut thing.
This good man tried to help, and so he bought a replacement part at our local independent hardware store. The first part that he bought was the wrong size, So he trotted off to the store and bought another part  -  which worked.
I asked him for a bill. He asked for $12. – to include the price of the new part and his labour.
I protested his charges for parts and labour and then wrote him a check/cheque for $20.
Even that was a bargain.


There comes a time when our hand, face, and bath towels have to be junked. They have served us well for many years, but the wear and tear of those years renders them more or less ineffective.
That’s all very well.
But the purchase of new towels brings its own frustrations: - i.e. they are abounding in loose lint, and have to be washed and dried for at least seven times before they are fit for use.
Does anyone know of a source of pre-washed, de-linted and affordable towels?

Yesterday evening (June 13th 2013) I noticed that a U.P.S. truck had been stuck across the road for at least 45 minutes, with its flashers flashing.   I figured that it was broken down.
But as I walked by with my dog Penne, other things became clear,
For right in front of the truck I saw a small “boxy” car (a Kia, or a Hyundai, or a Scion)
In the front seats of this car I observed the UPS driver (in the front passenger seat), and a young woman (in the drivers’ seat.)

They were – as they say – in a comprising situation,

Without much thought or evidence I told the woman to “”go back to your husband””
 I told the UPS driver to “get the hell out of our neighbourhood”

As Penne and I walked on, the woman sped away in her car like a bat outta hell.
After a minute or two my dog and I retraced our steps.  The UPS driver was by now in the back of his van and was fiddling around with various parcels and packages.
Once again I encouraged him to “get back to his work”. He asserted that he had been simply having some lunch with his paramour -  then he too drove off.

I am not sure if I was being prurient, judgemental, or wise.

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