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Rah rah for Christian Sharia Law

The following story in blue is from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The highlights are mine (jmp)

Cassy Blythe wants her daughter Maddy to play football again next season at Strong Rock Christian, a private school in Locust Grove, where the 12-year-old  girl had a great time playing this year. 

Maddy is among the middle school players in the team photo on the school web site,

But the school has changed its policy and decreed that Maddy can't play on the boys' team next year, devastating the girl and her family.

In a telephone intervew today, Blythe said the decision came out of the blue. “I am still in shock. I don’t know where it came from. All we had received from the coaches was encouragement. ‘Maddy’s wonderful. We want her to keep playing. She has found her niche.’’’

Blythe said the school principal had even come to a game and watched Maddy play. “He told me he was looking forward to her playing next year,” said Blythe, a former police officer now at home raising six children ages 1 to 12.  (Her brood includes three stepchildren.)

But apparently the school’s CEO was not a fan of a girl playing on the team.
 The family has launched a  Facebook "Let her play" campaign to convince the school’s CEO to reconsider his decision that it would be inappropriate for a girl to join the boys on the field -- even though Maddy played this year and did well.

I have called and sent a note to Strong Rock Christian School  for comment on the story. Maddy has attended the school for seven years.

According to Blythe:

My Madison begged to play football for years. "Please, momma, please let me play. I'm bigger and stronger than those boys. I can do it, mom, I promise!" I broke down last year and let her play for her Christian school. She's the product of a female cop, who am I to tell her no?

She was placed on the defensive line. Her coaches bragged about how she hit and could take hits better than most of the boys. They were proud of the female that took her helmet off at the end of the game, exposing to the other team that they were taken down by a girl.
Her first quarterback sack was memorable. I overheard the other parents thinking it was one of their boys who made the sack until Maddy got off him. When they saw it was #82, they all looked in their lineup to see it was Maddy.

The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered! This happened several more times during the season. Maddy could play football and played it well.

Until today.

Her school called me in for a meeting to discuss her future. I was told by the CEO that he did not believe girls should play on boys’ teams.

 He was worried 1) the boys might have impure thoughts, 2) the locker room talk might be a bit much for her to handle, 3) boys and girls should not compete in any sport, 4) there are other sports she can play, 5) they are a private school and can make any decision they want, and 6) he prayed about it and this was the right thing to do.

He also quoted the Bible by saying that men and women are created equal but different and therefore should not be allowed to play the same sports.

Since I started openly talking about this, I have found several other girls in America this has happened to. Girls who could play just as well if not better than their male counterparts being told they cannot compete with boys simply because they are a girl. If a girl can meet the same requirements as the boys they should be allowed to play. We will not place limitations on our daughters. We will teach them to fight harder.  We will teach them to take a stand."


1.    “”The boys might have impure thoughts”   Well, God bless them, 12 year old boys will have “impure” (whatever that means) thoughts come what may.  And so will 12 year old girls!  I suspect that “impure thoughts” are the last thing on the minds of boys/girls as they play (American) football.  Their minds will be in winning.
2.    The Locker Room talk might be a bit too much for her to handle”.  I am shocked that boys in a “Christian School might be rude and crude (lol).
3.    But of course:  Girl children must be protected from the rude, crude talk of boy children. They are far too sensitive to handle it (lmao).  And has it occurred to the School CEO that rude, crude talk is also damaging to boy children?
4.    “Boys and girls should not compete in any sport”. Of course it would be so damn scary for male chauvinists for -  after all – the girls might just win!  It would be also be dreadful and sinful because fundamentalist Christians girls/women are supposed to be submissive to their male superiors (gag me to the max)
5.    “He prayed about it and this was the right thing to do”. Oh for Christ’s sake – “garbage in, garbage out”. Just about every prejudice and malfeasance can be justified along the lines that “I
prayed about this.

I have a solution for the Christian School’s CEO.  Clothe your women staff and students in Burquas and Khimars, or Niqabs.  Clothe your male staff and students in Thobes.  That’ll take care of the problem. Yeah for “Christian Sharia”-  (tongue in cheek).


More soon.

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