Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Canned Spam ain't that bad

1. For reasons which are obscure my pal Bob and I chatted about the canned meat named "Spam" the other night.

2. Bob recalled eating Spam when he was a kid some 65 years ago.He liked it.

3. I remembered school lunches in Bristol. U.K.(1955 -1959)  when we were often served Spam which had been fried in batter. I loathed it.

4. But Bob and I agreed that Spam might well be "O.K".


5.  My pal Bob, together with friends  Ben, Ron, Char, Den,and Karen came to my home this evening for conversation, beverages and snacks.

6. I decided to serve Spam.

7. I served  some cubes of Spam Lite , on top of which I placed some pineapple chunks - Spam and  pineapple linked together with toothpicks.

8. This snack was a huge success!


9. You'll never know until you try!


1 comment:

  1. I am 79 years old and have loved Spam for as many years as I can remember! My family was poor for several years after I was born and Spam was eaten frequently. I still eat it and still love it, even though financial necessity is not a problem.