Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Japanese Rice Wine, and my Big Fat Greek Sandwich.

Japanese Rice Wine.

I heard that in a small New Jersey borough, just across the river from Manhattan, a local entrepreneur has created a micro-brewery in which she will make all-American "Japanese Rice Wine".

It will be marketed under the label "Hackensake".


My big fat Greek Sandwich.

Inspired by a Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA restaurant, I decided to make a Greek style sandwich.

I used the very best pita bread into which I stuffed:

1. Juicy chunks of home roasted and garlic infused lamb.

2. Thin slivers of red onion.

3. A few slices of tomato, and a bit of shredded lettuce.

4. 'Twas all moistened with some excellent Greek Yogourt.

5. It tasted "o.k." but not great.

Then I remembered to add some of that crumbly Greek Cheese,  in order to bring the sandwich to perfection.

That being done I exclaimed "fait accompli"


I cannot resist my own dreadful puns!

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