Monday, 29 July 2013

My inner Englishman.

My inner Englishman.1

So, in common with my heritage, I am drinking hot tea in this hot SRQ weather. It is more refreshing than any cold drink.

To be sure I am drinking hot green tea with a trace of honey, not hot black tea with milk and sugar, but the effect is the same.

My inner Englishman. 2

A huge storm came rushing through my SRQ neighbourhood at about 5:35p.m. today: -  thunder, lightning and very heavy rain.

After an hour the storm abated and the sun shone. The temperature had dripped about 19 degrees F.

The rain continued, but it was  a gentle rain, filtered through evening sunshine.

So my dog Penne and I ventured forth, and walked through the sunshiney rain.

I loved it, and I  felt that I was being very English.

That made me happy.

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