Friday, 2 August 2013

Back down memory lane again in Bristol (3)

More memories arising from my recent  dream.

In west Bristol where Redland Hill and Westbury Road meet there was a place known as "The Glen".  My guess is that it was a disused quarry.

When I was a child and youth  it was in daytime a peaceful oasis in a busy City: a place to wander, and perhaps to get a cup of tea or an ice-cream.

By night the Glen was transformed into a lively and noisy dance venue.

The Glen is now (I believe) the site of the private "Spired Hospital".  No more ice cream or dancing.

Mum and Dad took my twin and I there when we were perhaps three or four years of age.  (Maybe our  older sisters were also with us).

Down in the Glen we met a couple with their two splendid St. Bernard Dogs. My twin and I climbed onto the backs of the dogs, and were given short rides.

Why in the world do I remember that?

Glen Nook (a Tea Room?)
The fine print on this picture, a postcard, refers to "Caroline's Glen". I never knew it my that name.

Two St. Bernard Dogs (not the ones we rode on!)

Tiffany's at the Glen

In performance at the Glen

Given the unreliable nature of memory I am wondering if  maybe we rode on Great Danes!
 (Photo from the web - person and dog uknown to me)

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