Saturday, 21 September 2013

Breaking Florida Law?

It's probably against the law to complain about  the summer weather in south west Florida, but here I go,

We've had daytime temps of + 90f  (+32c) since June, with nighttime temps of +70f (+21c), and it's getting a bit wearisome.

We are on average, thus I have lived with this summer temps since 2006.  But my friend Ron T suggests that the older we get the more the heat becomes bothersome.  I agree with him.

Penne does not care.  Thus we have to take walks in the heart of the day.  It seems that the hotter the day the more she engages in "grass inspection".

We return home with Penne all unconcerned, whilst I hate the smell of my own sweat, and then "towel down" and apply lavish amounts of talcum powder or deodorant.

'Tis good that I live alone!

On the bright side  -  I can set my a/c at 80f  (26c) since my home is well insulated and I am not in and out all day. Thus my home is cool but not chilly.

And I can save money by using a minimum of water heating.  If I turn on my water heater for half an hour it provides me with enough warm water for two days worth of showers - starting with warm, going soon to tepid, and even sooner to cold.

I heat water in a tea kettle to wash my dishes, and I do my laundry in cold water (why not?)

I suppose that this is all to be preferred viz-a-viz New England winter blizzards.

Nonetheless, I look forward to the cooler days of autumn in Florida,

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