Friday, 20 September 2013

Raining and pouring

What a month

1.  I had problems  with my kitchen under-sink drainage.  My local plumber's from the Unique Service Company fixed them at a cost of $174 -  and for the first time since 2006 my sinks drain well.

2.  I knew that I needed two new tires/'tyres for my2006 car.  My super local and independent service station (Sam's Auto) took care of this and also recommended a wheel alignment and tyre balance; a flushing of the transmission fluids,  and various other flushings and replacements - at a total cost of $700.

3. Now my desk top computer has refused to open, and needs work. At the very least it will cost $100 (if the problem has to do with the on/off switch),  But if the mother board is shot I'll have a much higher bill. (I am using my slow and clunky Notebook to post this)

4.  I can jiggle my bills and use a credit card to take care of these unexpected expenses,

5,  But if I were a single mother with two children; who has an "old banger" of a car which she needs for her two jobs; and who does not have a credit card; and who lives in a run down apartment  ----  well all these "if's"  would be daunting. 

That's the bit which the Tories and Republicans just don't get,.

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