Saturday, 16 November 2013

A fervent (U.K.) Bristolian

My hometown newspaper the Bristol Post (formerly the Bristol Evening Post)  reported on a photographic competition called "24 hours in Bristol".

Here is the winning photo'  . (Bristol Temple Meads Station is one of the many  wonderful Victorian Railway Stations in the U.K.)

The Bristol Post goes on to say:

First prize went to Andy Coffin, from Bristol, for his photo called Temple Meads Station 2, which showed bikes left at the railway station by morning commuters.

He has won a prize valued at £3,000, ($5000?)  which includes a top of the range Olympus E-PL5 VF4 camera kit.

A spokesman from the city’s tourism organisation Destination Bristol said: “Bristol is the UK’s first cycle city with a large majority of its workers commuting by bicycle.

“Bristol also has an indelible industrial past, with Brunel at its helm.

“The image of the cycles against the backdrop of Temple Meads sums up the mornings here in Bristol.

“Cycling to work, sustainable environmentally-friendly travel and the way the morning light creeps into Temple Meads station casting shadows upon the frames of these vehicles really nail the Bristol experience".


As a "Bristolian in exile" I add my own comment:  "I think that this is a fabulous photo' which does my home city proud"


More about the competition here:

Click on Gallery for many more 24 hours in Bristol photo's.

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