Sunday, 10 November 2013

Over the top with MARS COMPANY advertising slogans

 I occasionally treat my cats Ada and Adelaide with  Temptations brand treats  (Made by  the MARS Company)

The package I have in my hand at this very moment declares that these treats are


Ada and Adelaide gobble them down.

They would do the same with some  (hypothetical  labelled)   PIGS TAIL FLAVOUR  TREATS.

In other words my cats enjoy their treats, with no regard to the "over the top"  labeling  such as FREE RANGE CHICKEN FLAVOR. 

Ain't  our CATS so smart
Indeed they are.
  1. The cats tell me that  the MARS  Company ought to blush and be ashamed  that they market a  simple feline treat  under the advertising slogan  FREE RANGE CHICKEN FLAVOR. 
2.I humbly agree with my cats. 
3, And with my cats  I ask the MARS COMPANY  just exactly what are"Free Range Chicken  flavoured  cat treats?"


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