Friday, 27 December 2013

Some silliness and other matters

 Daisy is a cat who lives six houses away from me with her doting "parents" Bert and Polly.  Daisy likes dogs.  When any dog passes by Daisy rushes out to go nose to nose, and then rolls on to her back.
Daisy and Penne

I am not sure what to say about this sign at our local Walgreens.
A chair that I used at my desk collapsed under the weight of its own responsibility. Perhaps I could have repaired the split wood -  if I'd had some good wood glue, a strong clamp, and some skill.

Those things being absent I bought a handsome new chair at a local thrift shop for the princely sum of $8.


 Betty M is a fabulous octogenarian former Marine (as was her late husband),  Betty is adored by all we old queens.
My pal Ben and I each gave her dark chocolate for Christmas.  We know all about her sweet tooth.

Betty responded with gifts for Ben and me.  She insisted that we should open them at the same time  and in the same place.  That we did, and laughed our silly heads off at her "gag" gifts of flashing bow-ties.  (Betty also gave me a bottle of  80 proof "Old Grand-Day Whiskey" (Bourbon) out of  Frankfort-Clermont KY.  Since I don't touch a drop I'll take this Bourbon to a New Year's Day party in my locality).



Penne got in on the act

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