Thursday, 6 February 2014

To those who pray

Please add my friend Donna and her husband Jack to your prayer list.

Donna had her appointment today with a Cancer Surgeon at Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa.  The news was not good.  He has concluded that with the evidence he has on hand, there is enough proof that she has a ”proximal femur chondro Sarcoma”.  In layman’s terms that is a cancerous tumor with in her femur.  He does not plan on doing a biopsy because it appears to be completely within the bone and has not spread, therefore even a biopsy would open it up to the surrounding tissue unnecessarily.  They have scheduled a further CAT scan to insure that her lungs are not involved, which seems to be the only other possible worry, that happens next Tuesday and then one more session with him later in the week and she will be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible.  They will remove her left femur bone from the hip socket down to mid-leg.  The GOOD News in all this is that it appears that that will correct the problem with no further need for radiation or Chemo.  The other good news is that we were very impressed with the surgeon and the entire staff of Moffett, which is world famous for treatment of Cancer.

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