Monday, 3 February 2014

Xenophobia - evil, stupid, and ignorant.

Pride and admiration for one's Homeland is both understandable and admirable ( provided that such pride and admiration is capable of  an honest and fair critique),

Without such a critique such pride and admiration can lead into blind loyalty, patriotism and nationalism.

My beloved United Kingdom  has its fair share of xenophobia.   It has been so since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and for centuries before that.

Such un-critical nationalism is but  a few steps away from xenophobia, and such xenophobia points the way to dangerous hatred.

Take for instance this poster about a missing child.

Boy oh boy this is heart wrenching.  Who could fail to be moved by this tale of a missing child?

BUT no such child exists.
THERE is no Amy Hamilton.
SEE the fine print.
DAILY B-ALE is a right wing anti Muslim faction in G.B.
THE 'PHONE # is for an (innocent) Insurance agency


XENOPHOBIA is DOWNRIGHT dangerous and evil when it plumbs these depths.

Concern for a "non-missing child' in the service of  Islamaphobia is reprehensible.


(Some stuff on American xenophobic  stupidity and ignorance tomorrow.)

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